10 Limousine Strategies for Teens Throughout Prom Season


With prom season blasting upon parents teens and parents need advice to create bright decisions about their limousine leasing in that hectic moment. How will you pick a great limo company? May be the cheapest going to be the ideal? Are my kids likely to be safe on this very important night? All these are only two or three of those concerns and questions that face throughout the yearly ritual we all call Prom year.

Listed here are 10 tips to ensure that you’re harmless and fashionable and SMART this particular prom season.

1) Often Touch and Look. Spent hours calling each and every limousine business to come up with the best price, but how do you know the automobile you have rented could be the actual car which will to show up? If a smoke-filled, 1970s, dented limousine shows up, could it be way too late to say no other…? Can you refuse to pay and end up sitting on the curb? Prevent these hassles by usually looking and touching. Go to your limousine provider and see the cars firsthand. As soon as you make your reservation, receive a written arrangement revealing the price and the true limo which will pick up you Charlotte limo.

2) Know the TOTAL expense. Prom has ended and everything was amazing, but then the bill strikes your parents’ creditcard. It’s $300 more than what you expected and it has now a month immediately after the prom. Are your friends about to pay more money NOW…? Always enquire about the complete cost. Could there be a mandatory 20 percent gratuity? Are there any additional charges for each prevent the limousine gets? Is there surcharges or other fees? Is your normal 10-20% trick extra or included? Consistently inquire your limousine supplier to give you a written verification showing the complete price tag. Nobody wants unpleasant surprises when leasing a limousine.

3) Is the Limo Company Authorized? You have discovered that the past partybus for its weakest Saturday of the month and all fourteen couples have been decked out. Your mom and dad are all happy, the pics really are over, and everyone is along the way to prom. That which is fantastic until the cops pull you over, everybody gets outside and also the ride is over. How can you know the chauffeur isn’t accredited and that the Bus wasn’t legal to induce one around? Just how do you really know your limousine provider is safe, legal, and guaranteed?

In California, when a limo business is properly insured and licensed, it means that the motor vehicles are inspected from the CHP, maintained and mechanically licensed each 4-5 days, and also the chauffeurs are trained, licensed, and also medication analyzed. This means that you are safe. Request a replicate of the company’s current community utilities commission certification and evidence of insurance policy coverage. If you can’t ever observe these essential documents, come across still another valid and secure limo company for your own prom day or night.

4) Prove Me Money. Some times it is tough to acquire all to consent and devotion to your party a month before your prom. Things changedates flake, and also couples divide the evening ahead. To shield yourself, gather ALL OF THE CASH whenever possible and give it to your own parents to your credit score card expenses. If you wait before night of the prom night, you may be left holding the bag (limousine or bus).

5) I Guarantee, Can you Guarantee? Everybody else would like to bash – but drug or alcohol use by minors at a limo for hire is bad-bad information for you as well as the limo firm. Mom and dad expect limousine businesses to keep their kids safe and sound and limousine providers may lose their license when minors use alcohol before or during a limousine trip. What is the substance use policy of your limo company and does this have authorities or just a wink and a nod? Liable limousine companies use a Prom deal such as for instance I-Promise. Each prom-goer and parent needs to comprehend the zero tolerance policy.

6) Know your Chauffeur. The person who helps make the social gathering is your own chauffeur. They may be fun, exciting quiet as well as discrete. Check always the limo company Web site or face-book to know about your own driver and have the limo company regarding the chauffeurs’ style. Request the chauffeur just how to use all the electronic equipment and also speak with them about keeping the celebration going.

7) guide early. Prom period is typically a crazy time for limousine organizations and also the cars that are best are the very first types to reserve upward. Get your friends together, create your decisions, and also create your bookings early to guarantee you have a fine limousine. Asks in what’s included: soda, water, energy drinks, sparkling cider, and so forth and find yourself a written copy of their company’s cancellation plan.

8) Strategy that the Celebration. You’re definitely going to be riding in a very high priced vehicle with a lot and a lot of toys. Plan out your party! Bring DVDs, party songs, iPods and cameras. Use the huge TVs and the stereo techniques to make your celebration stone!!!

9) Utilize your Limo. You are likely to leasing your limousine for approximately half an hour on your own prom night nevertheless, you’re not planning to be more riding in the vehicle the whole time. Plan your evening and utilize your car. If the kids have been in the dance, the mothers and fathers can venture out to dinner and possess their particular party and after that return back home before the end of the dancing. Everyone else likes the day and also you make smart choices enabling you to take advantage of one’s limousine.

10) Share your photos. After the evening meal and right after dance, what would you’ve remaining? Take a great deal of pics to capture those minutes. Utilize your limo as your private studio or stand by the car for the perfect group image. And subsequently reveal. Publish your images, tag your friends and reveal everyone else the magic of the day.
Be secure, be stylish, and also be smart this prom season.

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