The 9 Best House Repair Books for Fixer-Upper Houses Investors


In managing a house fix up and rental business in my spare moment, I have found the following books to be quite helpful. Should I strike a repair that I have not done previously, the books on the hyperlink below would be my manuals.

Back in 400 B.C. Archimedes said,”Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum upon which to place this, and that I shall move the planet ” Your books and tools really are your own lever and fulcrum. Once you have them there will be no stopping you.

Inch. New Fix-It-Yourself Manual: How to Repair, ingenious machines  Clean, and Maintain Anything and Everything in the Vicinity of Your House from Reader’s Digest.
That one tops the list because it is really useful. It covers many topics not covered with other similar novels.

Invaluable as it covers quite a huge array of themes. A great reference.

A very useful publication for repairing appliances. I’ve had my copy for over 13 years, and also its still the very first book I turn to to fix the refrigerator, clothes drier, or some other house appliances.

4. All Thumbs Guide to Home Wiring by Robert W. Wood.
A wonderful book for the beginner to know about earning electrical repairs around the house.

5. Flooring 1-2-3: Expert Advice on Design, Installation, and Repair from The Home Depot.
This Home Depot guide is a excellent resource if you want to tile a floor, pay carpeting, or lay laminate.

6. Wiring 1-2-3 (Home Depot from Home Depot Books.
A fantastic guide to wiring projects across your house. Even a little more innovative compared to”All Thumbs Guide to Home Wiring.

7. Plumbing 1 2 3 from The Home Depot.
You can tell I enjoy such Home Depot Guides. This pipes guide, such as almost all of the publications, has lots of good pictures to lead you through many ordinary repair endeavors.

Some of the information is a bit outdated in this 1990 publication, however nonetheless, it still contains useful advice for those that do larger repairs on fixer upper houses.

9. How We Made A Million Dollars Recycling Great Old Houses by Sam & Mary Weir.
Another book, like the previous one, focused more on the business of fixing up homes, but it has a Fantastic section on renovation and repair

Terry Sprouse is author of the novel”Fix’em Up, Rent’em : The Way to Begin Your House Fix up and Lease Business in Your Spare Time.”